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    Some of my family members are conservative to the point that it’s ignorant and offensive. Like if they weren’t from and living in New York I assure you they’d wear a confederate flag shirt, and American flag hat, hold a semi automatic weapon, stand over the corpse of Obama (the horrible terrorist…

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    A COVERGIRL’s only approach to facing the competition: FIERCE and READY.

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    I do not feel that it’s sexist if a woman CHOOSES to partake in a photoshoot in which she is naked, or scantily clad, or is depicting images that may be rather unsettling to some. If a woman is comfortable doing so, and chooses to do so freely, I don’t agree that it’s problematic or bad. Like maybe you don’t like it, but maybe for a playboy bunny that’s freeing and fun and makes her happy. No one holds these women in a dungeon and drags them out to take a picture of their titties.

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    Vogue Magazine Sequence - One More Picture, Please

    Deena Jones and The Dreams: Deborah Burrell, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Loretta Devine

    Dreamgirls - Original Broadway Production, 1981.

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  9. queenkatiee:

    Casually eating some quinoa listening to my roommate have sex. Get it, my dude. She seems to be enjoying it.


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    No truer words have been spoken.

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    Imagine Pac rapping on the Versace beat

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    Above the Rim 1994

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  15. The suicide rate has been increasing tremendously! If you have not noticed, you are paying attention to the wrong things! Celebrities INCLUDED! Which goes to show money and success will not end it! Depression is a DISEASE! Yes prayer and faith is great but it is a ILLNESS first! Do not be afraid to reach out! Depression sees no Race or ethnicity, it can affect anyone! We have the choice to use social media to make a change in this world! And I am taking a stand to make a difference while I am on this earth! #riptotheoneswehavelostmayyoursoulsbeatrest