1. I only take notes from the Greats

  2. Every TV in this house! Lmao! My mom literally threw MJ at me and said THIS is music! FYI thats a 7mill dollar video! 😳 The most expensive to date!

  3. 😂 Happy Bday Michael!! We Love You!! ❤️😘


  4. Drake the type of nigga to push all the chairs in after class.




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  5. HER ❤️

  6. A King who was ALWAYS hip.

  7. 🙌

  8. All your hard work will soon pay off.

  9. carte de visite.

  10. WCW

  11. It all started with HER. |WCW|

  12. It was a blast working with you @toantracks Look out for |Prōfīl|

  13. 🙌 it took me a loooong time to get this until I saw the pattern. Accept it and begin to love yourself again! ❤️

  14. Literally brought tears to my eyes 😔👼 #RIP #mikebrown

  15. Bad Shot | Great Memories ❤️😔